Wraparound and Clubs

After School Activities terms and conditions. 2023-2024

• After School Activities is run by Teaching Assistants solely to help parents/carers with childcare at the end of the school day. This is a non-profit making service. The school does not benefit financially from fees or penalty charges.
• Places must be paid for at time of booking and places booked are neither transferable nor refundable.
• Bookings are on a first come first served basis and are only confirmed with payment.
• We can occasionally accept last minute requests but these are subject to space being available and a flat fee of £7 regardless of session required. Payment is required upon collection of children.
• If there is any chance you may be late, you must make other arrangements for your child/children to be collected as penalty charges will be applied automatically and will not be waived by staff.
• Children have choices in activities including computers, homework, reading, colouring, board games and outside play (weather permitting).
• Children coming into After School Activities after a club should be booked accordingly.
• Parents whose children come into Activities later than 3:15pm due to other clubs in school will still be charged £4 for the first hour or part thereof the child(ren) attend.
• There is no discount for less than 1 hour of attendance.
• If your child is booked until 4:15pm and you are late collecting you will be charged the rate for the full session i.e.£6.
• We always have a First Aider on duty and we use the school’s medical information regarding each child.
• Please contact us should you have any concerns regarding your child’s care whilst attending After School Activities.
• We will provide a healthy snack (fruit, vegetables and breadsticks/corn thins) and water for each child.
• We use a three strikes policy for late collection of children. Should you be late collecting your child on three occasions in one term, your child will not be able to attend Activities for the rest of the term.
• If you are issued a penalty charge due to late collection and choose not to pay, your child will not be able to attend Activities for the rest of the term or until payment is received.
• An additional £15 will be charged for every 15 minutes or part thereof after 5pm.
• The number for After School Activities is 07591 011871* and between 3:15 and 5pm should be used as the only point of contact to notify staff regarding any changes to the arrangements for that day.

 Please note – this number is only operational during Activity hours.

3:15 – 4:15pm


3:15 – 5pm


On the day booking per session regardless of length of stay


Minimum charge for children coming into Activities for any part


Each 15-minute interval (or part thereof) late collection Penalty


We feel we offer good value for money at After School Activities and have collated information from some Ipswich clubs and their costs below.

Sidegate Primary School


£8.00/£11.00 plus other fees

St Pancras Primary School



St. Mary’s Primary School

3:20 – 5:30

£7.00 flat rate

School Clubs

At St. Mark’s, we pride ourselves on the range of clubs which are available to our pupils. These clubs are run either during lunchtime or after school, giving pupils opportunities to participate in a variety of activities.

Lunchtime club

Praying Club

Debating Club

Art & Craft club 

Netball Club


Computing Club

After school clubs

Science Club

Football Club

Basketball Club 

Netball Club

Multi-skills Club

We are in the process of planning to launch clubs such as Bible stories, reading, and time tables in the near future.